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Auto Insurance in Kokomo, IN

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Auto insurance is essential for car owners. Accidents can occur unexpectedly and lead to high repair or recovery expenses. Auto insurance can provide excellent financial protection from car accidents. Choosing a policy may be challenging, and the Crume-Evans Insurance agents are here to help.

How Auto Insurance Works

Auto insurance works like most insurance policies. It protects car owners from high accident costs. In exchange for an insurance premium often paid monthly or annually, your insurance carrier will provide you with financial assistance after a covered accident. Many policies require you to pay a deductible, an out-of-pocket cost you must cover following an incident before insurance covers the rest.

Which Auto Insurance Is Best?

Insurance needs tend to vary significantly among policyholders. Comprehensive car insurance often provides the most protection, covering bodily injuries, property damage and death compensation. Standard liability insurance is required in Indiana and is among the most common coverage options.

How Many Auto Insurance Policies Can You Have?

No laws prohibit car owners from having two auto insurance policies, but your insurance will not likely allow you to purchase two policies for the same car. Having two separate policies with different providers and filing two independent claims for the same accident constitutes insurance fraud. Speak to a Crume-Evans Insurance agent to learn more about auto insurance.

Where Can I Find Coverage?

If you are a car owner near Kokomo, Indiana, the dedicated agents at Crume-Evans Insurance can help you learn more about auto insurance. Call our agency today at 765-452-5479 for more information on auto insurance.